at the first meeting for Ohm Shanti’s upcoming production. @mark_taylor7 in the building too. #OhmShantiSpirit

hair Kasnique
make up Lisa Jackson
photo zigga zagga

higher quality

model/make up Dija King

photo zigga zagga

August 2014

photographing Shi Wisdom today for the @rise__edutainment convention

make up/model Dija

photo zigga zagga

August 2014

make up/model @voldemortsjumpoff
photo zigga zagga
August 2014

i asked the young women to draw self portraits during the Power To Girls workshop today. this was one of them. “I will not allow people to put limits on me because I am a woman,” she said. #yup #shegetsit #futurelooksbright

shooting @canesvenaticci again :) with @voldemortsjumpoff on the face and @_____cor on the hairs

was just interviewed on CBC radio regarding this Sunday’s Abuse: Survival Stories event. we province wide baby! lol #abusesurvivalstories

happy news: there will be a drum circle at our Abuse: Survival Stories event this Sunday, August 17th! come release your frustrations and create your own warrior song.
Children’s Peace Theatre
305 Dawes Road
Free to attend
Men and women, survivors, supporters and seekers of knowledge