my sweetheart Cher and her darling Mark made this happen.
photo Zigga Zagga a la Shi Shi Foo Foo

Steph. first drawing of 2014. rusty. we all have multiple talents. make time to nurture them.

Til The Casket Drops, track 13

our fourth workshop this month! how amazing to see Abuse: Survival Stories’ name alongside Status of Women Canada and United Way. today we are teaching children to recognize the warning signs of abuse…this is the realization of two years of dreaming.

the amazing, loving, positive, supportive, brilliant, courageous souls who came out to our Abuse: Survival Stories event today to celebrate The Beautiful Truth.
thank you for helping us create ripples of peace.

this beautiful collection of wax print skirts is what i was shooting on my recent trip. isn’t it dope? the line just launched at

model Eishia Brightwell
make up @_xojj
photo zigga zagga
June 2014

forgive me if i say this every time but last night was one of our most powerful events yet. it was a small, intimate gathering and it seemed that those who came out truly needed to be there. several people spontaneously came forward with tears in their eyes and courage in their hearts and claimed their survivalhood. amazing and inspiring.
thank you to everyone who was there and helped create a space where people felt safe enough to share their most painful stories.
Abuse: Still I R.I.S.E. - June 16th 2014

Monday, June 16th. so excited about Abuse: Survival Stories and R.I.S.E. coming together once again. over 100 people were in attendance the first time we came together. how amazing to be so supported as we go through this healing process.

crowned. @neffiwalker

she’s about I get crowned for the first time @neffiwalker