sat nam

we played tag

clearest water on hands down the most beautiful beach i have ever seen. #Cambodia #inLOVE

landing in Borneo as the sun dropped…breathtaking.

now in Malaysian Borneo <3
“i hope your shower is hot!” said my roommate, as i headed to the bathroom.

this will be an interesting week.

(at Malaysian Borneo)

public toilet. proud of myself for this one. (at penang, malaysia)

i had a f*ckin fabulous day today.

Happy V Day from Malaysia! celebrate with someone you love, even if you are your own date (took myself to a movie today :).
Mya has released some new tunes to help lovebirds set the mood. available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets.
the photographs were shot by me in October 2013.
#ziggazaggaproductions #mya #photography

that street food. the only reason i came to Penang is to eat. anything else is a bonus.
managed to navigate my way here via motorbike, songthaew, 2 planes and 3 buses. hahaaaa i’m a g i’m a g
goodnight from Malaysia
@gcgarlow I made it :)