my home for the night :)

pineapple salad w/ rice and a jackfruit shake = $2 
thank you all for your prayers and love…i am in heavennnnnnnnn

Vancouver’s beautiful ass mountains! this isn’t my stop though. what a sight during take off..indescribable.

1 camera
80 Gigs of memory
2 batteries
1 battery charger
1 purse
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of loafers
1 robe
1 pillow case
1 microfiber towel
1 sweater
1 R.I.S.E. t-shirt
2 pairs of pants
1 pair of leggings
1 bathing suit
1 notebook
1 pen
1 wallet
1 set of headphones
1 pair of sunnies
1 cell phone
1 cell phone charger
3 tank tops
1 multipurpose vinyl cord
1 comb
1 rubber door stopper
1 scrub glove
3 microfiber face towels
1 toothbrush in a case
1 tube of toothpaste
1 deodorant
1 bottle of Gravol
1 bottle of Advil
1 Breath of Fresh Air toner
1 bottle of Diva Cleanse
1 bottle of conditioner
1 bottle of Nature’s Aid
1 bar of oatmeal soap
5 pairs of panties
1 sports bra
1 bra bra
2 bottles of homemade sunscreen/bug repellant
1 can of Off! (just in case)
1 Orabrush
1 box of floss
4 AAA batteries
2 packs of natural energy boosts
1 neck pouch
3 toiletry bags
1 waterproof phone pouch
6 Bandaids
Nuff Ziplock bags
6 pairs of socks
12 pantyliners
6 pads
1 Diva Cup pouch (not pictured here: Diva Cup. guess why.)
1 very conveniently packaged roll of toilet paper
1 eye mask
1 small tub of coconut oil
1 small tub of dry shampoo
1 nail clipper
1 Venus razor and only 2 refills :|
13 pairs of ear plugs
2 locks
1 head wrap
1 passport
50 water purifying tablets
1 pack of wet wipes
Not enough Vegegreens
1 flashlight
1 miraculous medal from my dad
1 beautiful crystal from Randell and Alivia
7 hair ties
3 plastic bags
1 day pack
1 The Red Book
1 bottle of Camp Suds
1 soft bottle
18 lbs.

the master plan.

thank you @upworthy for featuring the 55th random act of beauty on your heartwarming, positive website!

looking for a good gift to give for Christmas? join @rise__edutainment on Monday as we serve food to the houseless. if you can’t make it but want to help, there is a link on the flyer to donate.

he wrote me a book of poetry and put this on one of the pages. the man knows me well. #okc #yup #russellwestbrook @russwest44

alright…so i usually keep myself off the Internet but this one i had to share…i’m not a spoken word poet..or a writer…i’m not even a reader, shit..but i was asked to write something for White Ribbon’s 2013 Conference and it was my absolutely pleasure to do so. i opened for keynote documentary film maker Byron Hurt. it was my second spoken word piece, and this is me performing it at R.I.S.E. Poetry, a week before the conference.