the 57th random act of beauty:
New Hope of Children Association in Cambodia provides free education to children in need. i was blessed with the opportunity to give these angels their very first class photos.
check them out at

back in Canada and happily gave my first night out to RISE. tonight i was a judge at the auditions for the 2nd anniversary show (April 16th, which equals 416)…the performances tonight got me sooooo excited. 2nd anniversary show is going to be INSANE. Daniels Spectrum.

she was found wandering the jungle, lost and terrified
Wildlife Rescue Centre
Phnom Penh

this little sweetheart at the wildlife rescue centre


spent the last couple of days on an island that is 90% undeveloped jungle. the first thing i encountered when i was heading to my little hut was a pit viper in the middle of the path. actually the little dog that was following me saw it first and barked before i stepped on it, scaring it away. not the first time a stray dog has had my back.

sat nam

we played tag

clearest water on hands down the most beautiful beach i have ever seen. #Cambodia #inLOVE

landing in Borneo as the sun dropped…breathtaking.