just popped this raspberry custard pie into the oven. my second pie this month, inspired by some apple pie goodness that @kissmya recently uploaded. look what you started! :)


South Carolina

November 2013

photo zigga zagga

at the end of today’s youth workshop to raise awareness about abuse, i gave stars to all the young men and women, asking them to write a positive word on one side (peace, love, hope, etc.). on the other side they were to write a message to the 14 women who were killed on December 6th, 1989 (the women who this day is in honor of). this is what one young man wrote:
“you were treated brutally and unfair on the behalf of all men we apologize please forgive.”
the future will be brighter than we think.

an image from the Zigga Zagga 2008 Calendar. #ziggazaggaproductions #tribal #blue #photography #curves

yesterday’s Abuse: Survival Stories event seamlessly brought together people from all walks of life. look at these two angels. thank you to my sister Denyce for the picture, and thank you to all who made the day such a special and powerful one! so many people asked to share their stories of abuse at our next event. amazing!
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our last Abuse: Survival Stories event of the year is tomorrow, November 30th inside the Victoria Village Library (184 Sloane Ave., Toronto) at 11 am sharp. looking forward to seeing my fam and experiencing that good self love & inner peace together. @myhairisfull0fsecrets @ellenaturel @ellesimonemua @mauleepocket @saeda_ @prototype_danny @mrcroccet @legendaryomega @theartchitecht @3rdiiiview @misspris101 @mauleepocket @djmisskittie @chiquitabanannie @ninaintheloop @voldemortsjumpoff @yo_dahveed @eyeindite @rise__edutainment @soca_emperor @yandeahaiel @farhiyajama_ @gcgarlow @olenroot @r1otous @tammysoulful

ayyyyyyye the Huffington Post did an article on the 55th random act of beauty! so cool. #500randomactsofbeauty #huffpost #redefiningmasculinity #whiteribbon

#awesome The Good Men Project featured my piece “The Manliest Thing About Me Is…” on their website. #500randomactsofbeauty

#selflove is a beautiful thing, one that many of us have had to work very hard to learn. i applaud this man for finding a way to nurture himself, and for adding positivity to this world. see more at 500randomactsofbeauty.tumblr.com #wmam2013 #redefiningmasculinity #whiteboard #streetinterviews #whiteribbon #whatmakesaman

this is where i’m performing tonight! such a beautiful, positive crowd, which came together in the name of ending gender based violence. #abusesurvivalstories #whatmakesaman #whiteribbon #WMAM2013