that street food. the only reason i came to Penang is to eat. anything else is a bonus.
managed to navigate my way here via motorbike, songthaew, 2 planes and 3 buses. hahaaaa i’m a g i’m a g
goodnight from Malaysia
@gcgarlow I made it :)

coconut plantations and mountains in the clouds. this visit has been a rollercoaster.
goodbye, Thailand.

bats in the bathroom.
January 30th: spent day and night at forest monastery Wat Suan Mokkh (The Garden of Liberation).
January 31st to February 10th: spent in silence at a meditation retreat.
concrete bedroom. wooden bench for a bed. straw may for a mattress. wooden block for a pillow. 4 am wake up. 2 meals a day (vegetarian, of course) - the first at 8 am, the second at 12:30 pm. lizards for roommates. mosquitoes. ants the size of spiders. spiders the size of dogs lol. monkeys. no hot water. no toilet paper. no phone. no internet. no music. no reading. no writing. no talking.
if anyone has any questions about this experience, let me know and i’ll answer if i can.

the fact that I am swimming in the ocean and still have wifi :) this is happening right now. Like right right now.
Sweet Thailand

none of this matters. and i don’t think i’ll truly feel like i’ve travelled until i’ve been inside someone else’s body.
last post for a while.
p e a c e

Bangkok….you’re glowing…

Bangkok street food is soooooo gooddddddddfhjbgfd

translating love in Siem Reap. missing these beautiful children.

breakfast. i always say that if it’s healthy, i’ll consume it, no matter how it tastes…but this kinda knocked the wind out of me. vayana leaf juice, @yandeahaiel have you heard of it?
good morning from Bangkok.